About AFRC

In pursuance of Article 200 of the Constitution of India, the Governor has passed Uttar Pradesh Professional Educational Institutions (Regulation of Admission and Determination of Fee) Bill 2006 in the form of Uttar Pradesh Professional Educational Institutions (Regulation of Admission and Determination of Fee) Act, 2006 to promulgate information related to it. This Act is implemented in all aided or unaided private professional educational institutions except the minority institutions.

For admissions and fee regulation in various professional courses run by private professional educational institutions established/operated under various departments within the state, a committee has been formed according to government order no. 2463/2008 - Sixteen - 1 -5 (W-48/2003 dated 27.06.2008).

1 Shri Bhuvnesh Kumar, Secretary, Technical Education, UP Government Chairman
2 Smt. Sheetal Verma, Special Secretary Finance, UP Government Member
3 Shri Pawan Gangwar, Registrar, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow Member

This committee is mainly responsible for carrying out the work of determining the admission process and fee. For this purpose, the task of collecting details from all the institutes and the submission of various decisions of committees after testing it will be carried out. Along with this, the committees will also consider complaints related to admission process and excess fee charged. The committee will also carry out the work of applying counter-affidavit and appearing in court for cases running in the Hon’ble Court related to it. Besides this, the work of necessary correspondence in relation to the admission and fee determination of A.I.C.T.E, M.C.I, N.C.T.I and D.C.I will also be carried out by the committee. Regarding this under the act, state government appoints an appellate authority whose chairman is a person who would have been a judge in the court and before whom any person or professional institution aggrieved by any order of the committee can file the appeal within 30 days of receipt of an order.

Number of Posts Created

According to government order no. 283/ 16 -1 -2009 -9 (Budget-9)/2004 dated 09.02.2009 six posts has been created in the committee office. These posts will be filled only on the basis of service transfers, deputation and contract basis. The salary of these posts will be given from the budget allocated to the committee for salary. Appointing authority of these posts will be Principal Secretary / Secretary, Professional and Technical Education, Section-1, Government of Uttar Pradesh.